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Hello and welcome to the AfroChic Boutique! The is an e-commerce site that specializes in Afrocentric home décor and related products. The idea to start this site began in 2015 when I moved across the country and couldn't find the items I wanted in order to decorate my home. After months of searching for home goods and only finding a few items here and there I become frustrated wishing I could go to one store that had everything I was looking for, that's when the idea of The AfroChic Boutique begin.

The AfroChic Boutique is a blend of handmade and manufactured products. The majority of products are imported form South Africa, many of our other products are made from across the Diaspora and even here in the USA. The best way to navigate through the boutique and it's merchandise is through through the "Explore Boutique" section of the website. There you will see all the boutique collections. If you love buying items in person, please check out the "Omi Calendar" there we will have information about Pop-up Shops, festivals and events where we will be vending